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Oval Cut Vs Emerald Cut, Which Should You Choose

When picking  engagement rings , consider the cut of the center stone. True, every cut is unique and reflects the wearer’s personality, but  oval cut  and  emerald cut moissanite  looks particularly beautiful on almost all hand shapes and sizes. OVAL CUT MOISSANITE RING Similar to a round diamond, an oval cut moissanite is round but slightly elongated. It is a beautiful fusion of two diamonds with a flanked center and is most commonly sought in  three-stone rings . When cut to perfection, the stone’s brilliance shines right through. MollyJewelryUS Oval Cut Moissanite Rose Gold Engagement Ring Its ideal curvature makes it timeless and enhances the ring’s overall appeal. Oval cut moissanite rings are ideal for short or small hands, giving the illusion of slender fingers. Yellow Gold Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring EMERALD CUT MOISSANITE RING Also known as a step-cut diamond, an  emerald cut moissanite  comes with fewer facets (25 to be exact) than a round cut moissanite . The emerald cu